News from Mark Windom

New Website!

Welcome to my new close-up nature stock photography website!  Special thanks to Jack and Raza of WideRange Galleries for their expertise in its design and development.  Being new it is an ongoing work in progress particularly where it involves the addition of images to the galleries so please check back often.

Imperial Jasper Pano

Stitched macro 'panoramic' of patterns in a piece of polished Imperial jasper; mined in Mexico

Image #3199

5/2/2023: News/Blog?

Stock photography is probably not very newsworthy to most outside of the industry.  So, my intention with this page is to approach it more as a blog.....trip reports, tips and techniques pertaining to macro/close-up photography, etc.  I will update this section of my webstie as time and interest (yours and mine) allow.  The images themselves come first.

Oct. 11, 2023: Fossils

Just an is National Fossil Day!

Does your state have a 'state' fossil?  Mine (Washington) is the Columbian mammoth.

4/19/24: Prints, Etc.

I now offer prints  (and other products) through Fine Art America.  Please see the Licensing page (link at top) for details.