Photo Search

To look for a specific image on this website you may either:

1) browse through the galleries

2) do a keyword search:  to narrow your search results, enter the appropriate search terms (keywords) in the box below.  Note that not all images available on this site are visible in the galleries, some are archived (but still keyword searchable).

When entering search terms it is best to separate individual keywords with commas.  When entering a phrase the individual words within that phrase are not separated with commas but the phrase as a whole is.

For example:  When looking for an image of driftwood on Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park you could enter the following in the search box: driftwood,vertical,Ruby Beach,Olympic National Park,brown.

3)  use the Search Index:  below is a partial list of suggested keywords/search terms.  The highlighted text can be clicked on to conduct a search for those images tagged with the keyword. The results may be very specific or somewhat generalized depending on the term.  This list can also be used as a guide for conducting manual keyword searches.