About Mark Windom

I have been a commercial nature stock photographer for 30+ years. Time flies!!

I began my career shooting landscapes in the beautiful and diverse Pacific Northwest. Large and medium format cameras loaded with Fuji Velvia film (remember that stuff?) were my constant companions. Hiking numerous trails I eventually found myself paying more attention to what was at my feet rather than on the horizon and my foray into macro/close-up photography began.

My primary interest now lies in capturing the colors, patterns, and textures found in what nature has to offer on a much smaller scale than the grand landscape. My large format gear and film have been replaced by Nikon DSLR's and Nikkor macro lenses; 60, 105, and 200. Film development has been replaced by 'development' of RAW files in computer software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Helicon, and Nik.

I hope you find enjoyment in viewing these images as much as I do in creating them. To see through the lens what the naked eye may miss or be unable to perceive is a fascinating experience.